The RUBIN Alliance


The RUBIN alliance PolyChrome Berlin is dedicated to one of the most important key technologies and future industries of photonics by establishing a technology platform for the realization of hybrid optical components that will find application, for example, in sensor technology or analytics. These innovative photonic components are a technological prerequisite not least for the comprehensive digitization of society and Industry 4.0.

Our objective


With PolyChrome Berlin, a hybrid photonic integration platform is being developed that can be used to realize a wide range of novel applications in the field of sensors and analytics in a cost-effective and compact manner. The development of a wide wavelength range from 400 nm – 1650 nm, as well as the interaction of polymer- and silicon nitride-based optical fibers in combination with the hybrid integration capability forms the basis for this. The performance of the PolyChrome platform will be demonstrated on six demonstrators.


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